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Get better wedding photographs by being inspired!! Tipi Wedding

Berkshire-Hampshire-wedding-photography award winning

I recently shot the gorgeous wedding of Lucy & Rich. Their stunning wedding was based in the grounds of Sheep Drove Organic Farm, in the heart of the West Berkshire countryside, with Forest Edge Tipis providing an epic venue.

Not long ago, I watched a brilliant film called AVA and, more specifically, a scene where John Malkovich was killed on a jetti, over a lake, with a bird’s eye drone shot to end the scene. My brain started whirring and as soon as I heard that Lucy & Rich were having their ceremony on a jetti, on a lake, I knew I had to recreate the shot (but without John Malkovich and without anyone getting murdered!). (Below is a still image from the scene.)

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Be inspired from everything around you and dare to create. To find out more please get in touch